Stress is physical emotional tension or discomfort that is brought about by an unwanted threat to our health. Sometimes it can be helpful in making us overcome obstacles and harmful because of the emotional threat in our daily activities. The good news is there are many stress-reducing techniques.

Stress is a natural product of life that can be described as physical, emotional tension or discomfort brought about by an unwanted treat caused by a difficult situation that affects our feelings and healthy well being’s. While some stress could be good for the growth of both mental and physical health, Excess and chronic stress could be harmful because it can lead to tension headaches and other health-related problems that can limit active functions of the body.

Stress could be linked to our everyday activities, whether it arises from our work, family, life, friends, relationships, finance or our environment, It is natural(which means it could be controlled with the right tools and techniques).


Before we continue, it is necessary to identify the real cause of stress in our daily system. Identifying the cause could lead to control of the subject “stress”.

(a)Environment: Environmental changes are caused by changes in our environments, examples are climatic changes, temperature, water, oxygen etc.All this could have both positive and negative effect on our overall body system. Taking care of the environment could be easy if it does not expose the body system to stress. Both internal and external factors that could lead to alter the environment can make the bodywork harder.

(b)Relationships: Struggling to maintain relationships with families, marriage ,friends, romance or work could lead the body system working harder to control stress.

(c)Finance: Everyone needs upkeep which means financial involvement leading the body system to work harder.

Types of “STRESS”

(1)Environmental “Stress”: Stress relating to environmental changes.

(2)Physical “Stress”: This are stress relating to things you can see or touch in or around the environment.

(3)Emotional “Stress” Stress expressed through strong feelings of higher level like anxiety and depressive mood like weeding, pregnancy, sickness, work, etc.

(4)Chronic “Stress”: It is a consistent stress that lasted for an extended period, which has been linked to the development of depression.

(5)Relationship “Stress”: Struggling to keep or maintain relationship connected to each other like romance, family, friends etc.

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(6)Financial and job “Stress”;Stress relating to struggle for survival, upkeeps, feeding,shopping,etc.


Signs of stress includes: Headaches, Muscle tension, aches and pains, chest pain, fatigues or exhaustion, alteration of your appetite or sex drive, upset stomach and nausea, trouble sleeping, heartburn or acid reflux. Long term chronic stress includes: weekend immune system ,premature aging, increased risk of illness , hypertension, obesity, diabetes depression,cognitive impairment,inflamatorydisorder,heart disease,and greater likelihoods of developing sickness at an older age.


Stress could be controlled with the following factors:

(a)Eat healthy foods.

(b)Improve your sleeping schedule by observing enough sleep.

(c)Regular exercise.

(d)Monitor your addictive habits.

(e)Practice relaxation techniques.

(f)Examine the situation to decide if you will change or accept it.

(g)Take time out.

(h)Get help from friends, family, colleague or professional counselor.


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  1. Many of us today have been passing through some difficult situations without knowing the solution,This article is written to control this silent killing condition in our daily activities.

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